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Favorite Spring Foods - Whole Foods Cooking - About.com
After a few months of consuming heavier, denser foods, it's time for us to cleanse ... Favorite Foods For Spring ... Creamy, pureed macrobiotic watercress soup.
Cleansing Salad of Spring Greens - Whole Foods Cooking - About ...
This light, bright cleansing salad of spring greens is chock full of liver cleansing and boosting ingredients. Lemon juice is not strictly macrobiotic, but is good for ...
Macrobiotic Soups - Whole Foods Cooking - About.com
Soup is an important part of macrobiotic meals, and there is nothing like a steaming ... Spring brings a special tender green energy with it, and the soups we love ...
About Water, About Water in the Macrobiotic Diet
Water is very important in the macrobiotic diet, whether it is used for drinking, bathing, ... Macrobiotics recommends the use of high quality spring, well, or filtered ...
Macrobiotics: The Five Elements and the Five Seasons
Choosing Foods by the Macrobiotic Calendar ... Foods that most enhance the fire element: ... Water: Winter, from December 21 to spring equinox of March 21.
Macrobiotic Menu Planning - Whole Foods Cooking - About.com
Welcome to Whole Foods and Macrobiotic Menu Planning! You'll learn the basics of the whole foods/5 element/macrobiotic calendar and how to create meals ...
Spring Salads - Whole Foods Cooking - About.com
The salad recipes that follow are perfect for spring, and lend themselves to presenting as appetizers ... Whole Foods Spring Salads ... Macrobiotic Pressed Salad.
Recipes for Nourishing the Liver - Whole Foods Cooking - About.com
The following recipes are just a few of the many recipes on this site that are nourishing to the wood element, or liver, in five element ... Getting Started with Whole Foods and Macrobiotic Cooking ... Spring marks a miraculous bursting of energy.
Favorite Asparagus Recipes - Whole Foods Cooking - About.com
Late spring and early summer mark the advent of asparagus season, and few vegetables carry the nutritional ... Whole Foods and Macrobiotic Menu Planning ...
Soups For Spring - Whole Foods Cooking - About.com
Spring brings a special tender green energy with it, and the soups we love most in spring time also ... Getting Started with Whole Foods and Macrobiotic Cooking.
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