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Macrobiotic Breakfasts


We’ve all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most of us have experienced the “crash” from either eating poorly or not at all in the morning.

Macrobiotic breakfasts differ from the standard western model in that they generally include soup, a vegetable, and a grain dish. This practice can be a big adjustment when you’re accustomed to a typical American style breakfast, but it’s definitely worth exploring. Mixed grain porridges or congee (a rice or other grain gruel) are the most common breakfast “cereals”. Grains are commonly garnished with toasted sunflower or sesame seeds, and not eaten with sweetener. A small bowl of miso soup alkalizes digestion, while a heartier soup like pureed squash is sweet and filling. A serving of steamed vegetables rounds out the mix, and might include leeks, cauliflower, broccoli or carrots.

If all of this sounds like too big a change, start slowly. The following menu suggestions should help you get started on nourishing yourself in the morning, and setting your body up for an energized day. The density of hot grain cereals and pancakes is well suited for cool weather. Tofu scramble, while not a substitute for eggs, can be a tasty, protein packed way to start your day.


Choose one of the following: Bancha, Ginger or Kukicha Tea; grain coffee substitute

Main Dish

Cereals: Oatmeal; Cinnamon Amaranth Grits; Whole Grain Pancakes; Quinoa Porridge or any combination of soft cooked grains. Millet, sweet rice, brown rice, Job's Tears and steel cut oats are all great.

Serve hot cereals with Pear Ginger Compote or applesauce.

Tofu Scramble with sautéed greens (optional) and mochi or whole grain toast.

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