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You'll find simple broth, creamy vegetable soups and hearty one dish meals. No time? No problem. You'll find soups which can be made in ten minutes, others which can be frozen, and plenty of time saving tips.
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  2. Hearty Soups (20)
  3. Pureed Soups (35)
  4. Whole Foods Soups (33)

Time Saving Nutrition for Busy Professionals
Busy lives require good time management, and make ahead meals can tip the scales towards better nutrition when time is tight. The soups and stews that follow benefit from sitting for a day in your fridge so flavors can meld. They can also be frozen, so you can make a pot of soup or stew and freeze it in single serve containers for lunch or...

Warming Soups for Fall and Winter
As the days get shorter and cooler, nothing is quite as satisfying as a big bowl of steaming soup to warm and nourish our bellies and our spirits. Soup can become a one pot meal, or serve as the centerpiece of a simple supper. It is comfort food at its best, and in our house soup is king when the weather turns chilly. We will eat it any time of...

Soups for Spring
Spring brings a special tender green energy with it, and the soups we love most in spring time also carry that wonderful delicate quality. Asparagus, peas, leeks, tender young micro greens, watercress, baby spinach, ramps and artichokes all make a sweet bright appearance.

Cauliflower Revisited: Soup and Side Dish Recipes
Cauliflower, like many white foods, makes a great blank canvas to add assertive flavors to. Try adding cauliflower cut into small florets to a stir-fry dish, or sauté with garlic and finish with lemon and parsley for an Italian touch. Herbs and curry spices are wonderful additions to cauliflower and can transform this hearty and humble vegetable...

Mama Carla’s Kale and White Bean Soup
Simple and warming kale and white bean soup is perfect for cool days.

Tomato, Basil, and Leek Soup
Tomato, basil, and leek soup is a classic regional Italian recipe. This fragrant, creamy soup is especially satisfying during late summer going into early fall, when plum tomatoes are at their peak. For a heartier touch, break chunks of day old sourdough bread into the soup when serving for what the Italians call Pappa al Pomodoro.

Crazy For Coconut

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