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How to Make Risotto


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How To Make Risotto
How to Make Risotto
Jen Hoy
Risotto is really easy to make once you understand the basic concept. It requires lots of stirring and attention, and as such should be made when you're not in a big hurry. That said, risotto is well worth the time it takes, and is an impressive dish to master. The most important concept is striking the balance between creaminess (having enough liquid) and not overcooking the rice. Once you understand the basics, you can use just about any vegetable to make this dish. Pick a good quality risotto rice such as Arborio, Padano or Vialone. Arborio rice now grows in Italy, Texas and California and should be relatively easy to source. It's not recommended that you use any other rice for this, as the end result will not have the signature creaminess of true risotto. If you don't want to make your own broth, be sure to purchase good quality organic, low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth.

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